Cascade Charter Township
2865 Thornhills Avenue SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7192  
Phone: 616-949-1500  
Fax: 616-949-3918
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mission Statement - Cascade Township Fire Department will deliver quality preventative and emergency service to the community.

Fire Department

Fire Chief John Sigg
Fire Chief
John Sigg

Station #1
2865 Thornhills Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7192
Phone Number: (616) 949-1320
Fax Number: (616) 285-2330
Hours: 24 hours a day

Station #2
2990 Buttrick Ave, SE
Ada, Michigan 49301
Phone Number: (616) 682-9679
Fax Number: (616) 682-9680
Hours: 24 hours a day

John Sigg, Fire Chief

The Cascade Township Fire Department covers 35 square miles and provides Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Service to the residents and visitors to the Township. The Cascade Township Fire Department was established in 1942 as an all-volunteer department. In 1974 the Township hired our first full time chief. In the 1980's we started our full time department with three (3) full time Fire Fighters. Today we have 1 full time fire chief, 1 full time fire inspector and 15 full time fire fighters who operate out of two stations. Both stations are staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We have 17 paid on call members that support the full time staff. All members of the Department are professionally trained and committed to the Township.

Cascade Township Fire Department covers a residential, commercial and industrial based area as well as the Gerald R Ford International Airport.

Our Department is committed to the education of the children in the Township. We have a "Safe At Home Program" in the schools to educate them on Fire Safety. Visit our Community Outreach page for more information.

Our department is equipped with six AED's (Automatic External Defibrillator) for cardiac arrests and we have two Thermal Imaging Camera's to detect fires inside walls and other areas not seen by the human eye.  There is a Thermal Imaging Camera located at each Station.  

The TRI-COM Hazardous Material Emergency Response Team is a result of the cooperative efforts of Cascade Township Fire Department, Dutton Township Fire Department and The City of Kentwood Fire Department. All members of this team are trained to a minimum level of Hazardous Material technician through the Michigan State Police Hazardous Material Training Center.  At this time, equipment is positioned at Kentwood Fire Station No. 2 on Embassy Drive.  We also have automatic aid agreements with some of our neighboring departments.  They are dispatched the same time we are so we are able to have additional personnel on scene quicker. 

As with any successful organization, there needs to be people that care. We in Cascade, have the most caring and dedicated individuals in the profession. Without their input and hard work, there would not be a fire department. We would also like to give credit to all the people that work behind the scenes to support us on a daily basis. Thank you!

Patch and Memorabilia Requests

Because of limited quantities and due to post September 11 security concerns, our department and it's personnel will not sell, trade or give away patches, hats, shirts or other memorabilia. Such requests will not be responded to under any circumstances. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.