Business Spotlight

Cascade Charter Township offers a diverse mix of business types, from retail, restaurants and hotels to manufacturing, auto dealers and office parks. We love the businesses we work and share a community with, and are constantly thinking of new ways to demonstrate the many great products and services our community businesses offer.

We’re thrilled to announce the return of our Cascade Township business spotlight series! 
Today’s spotlight shines on @Sugar Momma’s. Established in 2011, Sugar Momma’s specializes in pastries, cakes, tortes and a full assortment of breads. It also features a full-service espresso bar, as well as a variety of fruit and tea drinks.  
Led by certified pastry chef Haley McNeil-Chapman, Sugar Momma’s uses high-quality ingredients to create delicious desserts and pastries for all occasions. 
To learn more, visit
Sugar Momma's Spotlight Video
Interested in featuring your business in our spotlight series? Contact Cascade Township Economic Development Director Sandra Korhorn at - Please visit this website where businesses are invited to share their company's information, hours, events and news in a single spot for all things Cascade.