Bradley & Michelle Stevenson - Public Hearing

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The Cascade Charter Township Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing to consider the following request.
APPLICANT:                                     Bradley and Michelle Stevenson
CASE NO.                                          #21-3648
REQUEST:                                         The applicant is requesting approval from the                                                                 ZBA to reconfigure platted lot lines.
PROPERTY LOCATION:                  7007 Oakbrook St
                                                          7126 Mooring Heights Ct

PUBLIC HEARING DATE:               Tuesday, August 10, 2021

TIME:                                                5:30 pm

LOCATION:                                     Cascade Library – Wisner Center 2870 Jacksmith                                                             Dr., Grand Rapids MI 49546
All information relative to this request may be reviewed in the office of the Planner (949-0224) located at 5920 Tahoe Dr, SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49546.
Cascade Charter Township Zoning Board of Appeals
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