Flooding Update

Emergency to Tranisition to Clean Up and Recovery

Emergency to Transition to Clean up and Recovery

GRAND RAPIDS – Several of the river flood warnings remain in effect for the Grand River and the Thornapple River, but the National Weather Service indicates the river levels are starting to recede. Staff from Kent County Emergency Management join several other agencies and departments who are now transitioning from monitoring to clean up and recovery.

“Preparation and advance notification gave us an upper hand during this emergency” said Jack Stewart, Kent County Emergency Management Coordinator. “We had teams of first responders, road crews, meteorologists, hydrologists, community leaders and residents helping keep us informed throughout  the process. Most people followed the suggestions or directives of community leaders, and many offered to provide assistance where needed. It is this collaboration that helps keep everyone safe throughout these incidents.”

Kent County Department of Public Works (DPW) reminds everyone that they can take materials that have been damaged or destroyed due to flooding (i.e. carpets, furniture) at either the North Kent Waste and Recycling Center or South Kent Waste and Recycling Center. Rates vary based on the size of the load. DPW also accepts hazardous chemical waste through the SafeChem program. Check out
http://www.reimaginetrash.org for more information on these services.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Western Michigan issued a warning this morning about potential
scams involving “contractors” who go from town to town after a natural disaster and offer services.
These scam artists are often unlicensed, uninsured and sometimes do only a portion of the work (if any at all). More about this can be found on the BBB website: https://www.bbb.org/western-michigan.

Kent County Parks staff are monitoring the flooding in the Parks. Most trails at Millennium Park are flooded and should be avoided. Other parks have localized flooding. Even once the waters recede, there will likely be debris and mud covering portions of the trails.

Many road closures are still in effect and could remain in place throughout the week. Kent County Road Commission continues to provide updated road closures at www.kentcountyroads.net.

Two orders remain in effect asking residents to stay away from floodwaters. The Kent County Health
Department issued a “no-contact advisory” and the City of Grand Rapids has issued an order to close the Grand River within city boundaries to recreational use, including anglers and watercraft. The orders remain in effect until further notice.

Reminders regarding flooding:

• If you feel you are in a dangerous situation, evacuate  immediately.  If  you  need  assistance leaving, call 911. Do not try to ‘ride it out’ if there is a potential for injury If you live in a flood- prone area, have an evacuation plan. Be sure you have a preparedness kit with a flashlight, batteries, first-aid supplies and cash. Put all medications and important documents where they are easily accessible if you need to leave immediately. Make sure you communicate your whereabouts with loved ones.

• Turn Around, Don’t Drown. This National Weather Service motto reminds us of the danger of floodwaters. Just two feet of floodwaters can sweep away a car. If you see flood water in the road, or barricades/signs posted on roads, for your safety and that of first responders, please turn around and take a different route.

• Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) reminds residents and motorists experiencing  an  emergency
situation on roadways to call 911. KCRC will respond as directed  by  law enforcement. KCRC will update County road closures twice a day on their website at www.kentcountyroads.net/news/entry/flooding-information, as well as the KCRC Facebook and Twitter pages. Please slow down and heed road warnings and closures.

• Do not try to walk or swim through flood waters. River and creek waters can move fast and carry debris that can be dangerous. Six inches of fast-moving flood water can knock people off their feet.

• Kent County is providing residents updates about flooding along with information and fact sheets at www.accesskent.com/News/flood.

• The City of Grand Rapids is providing information on conditions and the ongoing response at www.grandrapidsmi.gov/Home/Emergency-Announcements/Important-Weather-Update. Grand Rapids residents with concerns about the water levels and questions may call the City’s Customer Service at 311 or 616.456.3000.

• If you have water in your home/basement, it could be contaminated with  pollutants. Handle  items that come in contact with flood waters with care, either by disposing of wet items or  when possible, cleaning wet items with a disinfectant. If you have floodwaters that came into contact with human food or pet food, throw these in the trash.

• Keep pets away from flood waters.

• If you live in an area prone to flooding, make sure personal identification items (i.e. passports and birth certificates) are protected. Back up computer files and keep them in a safe place or store them in a cloud-based service.

• Stay tuned to alerts via TV, radio or weather apps for your phone.

• If you are in need of shelter, contact American Red Cross at 616.456.8661.

• County, State, or Federal funding is not available for those who  suffer  personal  property damage. Residents who experience property damage should contact their insurance company immediately.

KCRC Roads Closed Due to Water over Road (February 26, 2018 at 9:45 a.m., subject to change)

  • Whipple (Shaner to Myers Lake)
  • Ashley Ave (7 Mile Rd to M-44)
  • Joyce Dr (Cannonsburg Rd to Ramsdell Dr)
  • Westbound Chicago Dr on ramp to west bound I-196
  • Konkle (east of Jupiter)
  • Indian (off West River)
  • River Point (off Indian)
  • Abrigador Trail (off West River)
  • Abrigador Trail (off West River Center)
  • Willow (off 4 Mile Rd)
  • Willow (off Canright)
  • Willow (off Bailey Park)
  • Walnut Park (off Northland Dr)
  • Shady Dr (off Knapp St)
  • Forest Ridge (off Coit Ave)
  • 60th St (Pratt Lake Ave to Montcalm Ave)
  • 64th St (East of Pratt Lake Ave)
  • Jackson St (M-21 to Oberley Dr)
  • Grand River Dr (Jackson St to Montcalm Ave)
  • Mall (off West River Dr)
  • Austerlitz (off West River Dr)
  • Riverbend (between Butterworth and Veterans Dr) (City of Walker)
  • Veterans Dr (between Maynard and Butterworth) (City of Walker)
  • Indian Mounds Drive (City of Grandville)
  • White Street west of Wilson Avenue (City of Grandville)
  • White Street east of Wilson between Church and Ottawa (City of Grandville)
  • Division north of the RR tracks (City of Grandville)
  • Franklin between RR tracks and White Street (City of Grandville)
  • Sanford north of Nardin (City of Grandville)
  • Busch Drive (City of Grandville)
  • Chicago Drive at East (Wyoming) City Limit (Outside lanes only)
  • Broadway Avenue north of RR tracks (City of Grandville)
  • Chicago Drive at Rush Creek (Jenison) including I-196 ramps
  • Wilson between Chicago Drive and M-11 (City of Grandville)

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