Building Inspections

5920 Tahoe Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7123
Monday-Thursday 7:00am to 4:00pm
Friday 7:00am to 1:00pm
(Except Holidays)
Brian Wilson
Building Official
Bill Benoit
Deputy Building Official
Ron Sabin
Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer
Dennis Rowlader
Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer
Tom Hanson
Building Inspector
Vince Milito
Chief Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector
Dan Huyser
Chief Electrical Inspector
Paul Westhouse
Electrical Inspector
Craig Smith
Plumbing Inspector
Jeff VanTil
Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector
Doug Poolman
Fire Protection Inspector
Carol Meyer
Administrative Assistant
Julie Kutchins
Permits Manager

Notice:  Applications for OUTDOOR WOOD BURNING FURNACES (mechanical permit) must obtain zoning approval from the local community prior to installation.

New Fee Schedule effective January 1, 2022.  To avoid processing delays, please use current permit applications.  

Services Expanding to include Building Permits:

Beginning December 1 - Vergennes Township
Beginning January 3 - Plainfield Township

All new permit applications must receive zoning approval from the community where the project is located.  Inspection requests for existing (open) permits can be made directly to Cascade Inspections.  

Inspection requests can be made via the online portal or text message to 616-240-4693.
Phone requests are still available by leaving a message at 949-3765 (press 1 at any time during announcement)
Auto Attendant Directory 616-949-3765(enter 3 digit code at any time during announcement to be transferred to staff)

Brian Wilson Building Official 311
Bill Benoit Deputy Building Official 321
Dennis Rowlander Building Inspector 313
Ron Sabin Commercial Plan Reviewer 314
Tom Hanson Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer 325
Vince Milito Chief Mech/Plumb Inspector 323
Jeff Vantil Mech/Plumb Inspector 312
Craig Smith Plumbing Inspector 335
Dan Huyser Chief Electrical Inspector 322
Paul Westhouse Electrical Inspector 336
Doug Poolman Fire Inspector 332
Julie Kutchins Permits Manager 333
Carol Meyer Admin Assistant 315

Inspections:  Permit holders must ensure that job sites are accessible to inspectors and that all “social distancing” guidelines are met.  Failure to provide a safe environment will result in a disapproval and require a reinspection.  During an inspection, only required personnel should be on-site.  For jobs in an occupied home, no inspections can be scheduled where an occupant is sick, has been exposed to the virus or under quarantine.
Thanks for helping keep us all safe while we perform the required inspections!

*New* Remote Video Inspection Program

Submit Video for Furnace or Water Heater Replacement

The goal of the Building Inspection Department is to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of our citizens through professional enforcement of the Michigan Building Codes. Cascade Township has a full time staff of nine inspectors and two clerical employees. They review all plans, issue permits and inspect and maintain records on all construction projects. Our inspectors are all registered by the State of Michigan in one or more of the building trades as well as plan review.

In addition to the above, we also issue permits to connect to the water and/or sewer system in Cascade Charter Township.

Cascade’s Building Department is somewhat unique in that we issue permits and make inspections for other communities on a contractual basis. Those other communities include Grand Rapids Township, Lowell Township, Ada Township, Vergennes Township, Plainfield Township and the City of East Grand Rapids. 

7am - 4pm - Monday - Thursday
7am - 1pm - Friday

By Appointment Only

Text Us for Inspection Requests
Cascade Building Department is now accepting inspection requests via text message.  Please click here for instructions.  

Please follow Cascade Township on Vimeo for helpful building inspection video resources and tips.

PDF Icon Contractor Registration - For faster processing, please send this form with a copy of your license.  We will contact you regarding payment.  


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