Election Information

Voting Signs

2023 Election Date

May 2 - Special Election, Caledonia Community Schools
Only residents of Caledonia Community School district will participate in this election.  Click here for an Absentee Voter Ballot Application for the May 2, 2023 election. 

Precinct Locations

Precinct 1 Forest Hills Administration Building
6890 Cascade Rd SE
Precinct 2 Thornapple Covenant Church
6595 Cascade Rd (at Burton)
Precinct 3 Cascade Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
6655 Cascade Rd SE
Precinct 4 Buttrick Fire Station
2990 Buttrick Ave SE
Precinct 5 Ada Bible Church (South Entrance) 
8899 Cascade Rd SE
Precinct 6 Cascade Christian Church - Centennial Hall
2829 Thornapple River Dr
Precinct 7 Cascade Library Wisner Center (Friends Room)
2870 Jacksmith Ave SE
Precinct 8 Thornapple Community Reformed Church
3260 Thornapple River Dr (at Thornhills)
Precinct 9 Thornapple Covenant Church
6595 Cascade Rd (at Burton)
Precinct 10 Ada Bible Church (West Entrance)
8899 Cascade Rd SE

PDF IconView the Cascade Charter Township Precinct Map to determine your precinct location or use the interactive voting precint/polling location map to search by your address.  Once the map appears, click on the parcel search function (right side of screen) to search by your address.

Voter Registration

You are eligible to vote if you are:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • At least 18 years old on or before the next election
  • A resident of Michigan
  • Registered 30 days prior to the next election 

You are not required to re-register for each election but, if you have moved, call the Clerk’s office at (616) 949-1508.
You can register to vote at any:

You can verify your voter registration by calling the Clerk’s Office at (616) 949-1508 or visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

MVIC (Michigan Voter Information Center)

Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC) has additional information such as:

  • Determine if you are registered to vote
  • How do I register to vote?
  • Find your polling location
  • Absentee Ballot information
  • Local election calendar

And as always, feel free to contact the Clerk’s office if you have any questions we can answer.

Election FAQ's

Will USPS forward my ballot if I have a summer/winter home in another state?
USPS will not forward your ballot even if you are having your mail forwarded to a temporary address. The ballot will be delivered to the address on the envelope. If there is a forward on the mail, it will come back to us.
What if I’m temporarily away from my home or have a PO box?
On your absentee ballot application, there is a box to put a temporary address if you’d like to have your ballot sent to a different address than where you are registered.
What if I’m overseas on Election Day?
You can fill out a federal postcard application if you are currently living outside of the United States. If you go to FVAP.gov and fill out the FPCA, you can be sent a ballot overseas. You can also complete this process via email if you are a FPCA voter.
Can I pick up a ballot for my kids, spouse or parents?
No, you may only pick up your own ballot if you come to get your absentee ballot in the clerk’s office. We are not able to hand you anyone else’s ballot besides your own. You will also need your photo ID with you in order for us to hand you your ballot, otherwise, we will mail it.
What if I make a mistake?
We put instructions in every ballot envelope we send out. If you have made a mistake on your ballot, you may bring it back into Township Hall to have it spoiled and be reissued a new one. Please follow the directions carefully.
Is power of attorney acceptable for voting?
Everyone must sign their own absentee ballot and application. Power of attorney is not acceptable.

Why am I receiving additional mailings and emails about my absentee ballot?
These materials come from third-party organizations. We send only official absentee applications and ballots to voters who have requested them. We do not send additional election-related emails or mailings. If you submitted an absentee ballot application, you will be sent an official absentee ballot from us. Photos of the official absentee ballot are featured at the bottom of this page.

Absent Voter Ballot Envelopes

A blue envelope will be mailed to voters with a purple envelope inside. The back of the blue envelope contains instructions on how to return your ballot using the purple envelope.
Blue Envelope
Purple Envelope – The purple envelope contains the ballot with instructions on how to complete it. Once your ballot is completed, place it in the purple envelope.
Green EnvelopePurple2023ElectEnvelopFront.jpg
For more information on the new absent voter ballots, please contact the clerk’s office at 616.949.1508. 

Election Results

For Kent County election results, visit Access Kent.

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

To request voter information, please fill out a FOIA request.

Election Inspectors

If you would like to be an Election Inspector, please complete an application and submit it to the clerk at the Township of Cascade, 5920 Tahoe Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.

PDF IconElection Inspector Application