Community Master Plan Update


The Township is in the process of creating a new Community Master Plan – a framework that will define the vision and direction of Cascade for decades to come. We heard from you during the development and adoption of the Township’s most recent Strategic Plan. This long-term guide will focus on land preservation; revitalization of the village core; proper land use; and smart development that will maintain Cascade's distinctiveness.

View the 2024 Draft Master Plan



Status Update: 63-Day Comment Period Open

Working closely with planning consultant McKenna, the Township Planning Commission and staff planners have finished creating a draft of the new 2024 Master Plan. The Township Board of Trustees approved this official draft for review at its Wednesday, March 13, 2024 meeting. 

Approval of this draft document opens a 63-day comment period for neighboring municipalities, regional and County Planning Commissions, utility companies, railroads, and public transportation organizations that operate in Cascade. Additionally, because this proposed document includes a streets plan, it is also being shared with the Kent County Road Commission and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Once reviewed, these entities are invited to comment on any inconsistencies in the proposed plan.Once the 63-day period has passed, the Planning Commission will host a public hearing. At this hearing – tentatively set for June 3, 2024 – the entities mentioned above and private citizens will have a chance to publicly comment on the new plan.

Citizens Invited to Comment

Besides official entities, citizens are invited to review and comment on the document. Please share your thoughts with Community Planning & Development Director Andrea Hendrick by emailing or calling 616.949.0224.

Summary of Plan Goals

The draft 2024 Master Plan includes the following goals:

1. Preserve and strengthen residential neighborhoods.

2. Preserve open space and natural areas.

3. Enhance viability of Township businesses.

4. Maintain and expand a diverse parks and trails system.

5. Maintain and enhance essential public services.

6. Provide and support an efficient, safe, and environmentally sensitive road, pedestrian, and the bike network.

7. Promote efficient and sustainable growth principles.

The 2024 draft Master Plan correlates to the following goals of the Township Strategic Plan:

Goal #1, Priority 3: Create new parks to serve the community as it grows and preserve natural features for sustainability and natural character.

Goal #2, Priority 2: Ensure that zoning processes are clear, efficient, and promote both economic development and Township planning goals.


Cascade’s current plan – created under previous leadership in 2019 – leaves some residential areas and open spaces vulnerable to development pressure, lacks preservation standards and ignores the standards desired in the Village area.

Left unchanged, the 2019 plans encourage growth that could drastically change Cascade – particularly the neighborhoods and open spaces immediately south and east of the airport. Protecting and buffering that part of Cascade is a crucial component of this process. Additionally, the current plan fails to address the vision and direction for the Township’s core – "The Village" – centered around the Thornapple River, Cascade Road and 28th Street.

As the Township proceeds with reviewing and approving these updated documents, there will be opportunities for your comments, suggestions and observations.

2023 Future Land Use Map

View the Township's current Future Land Use Map.This map was created June 7, 2023 and adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 14, 2023.

What is it? A Future Land Use Map is a document that provides generalized guidance for future development/redevelopment in the Township. It is not a zoning map. The Township's Zoning Map is parcel-specific, and establishes requirements and development standards for how parcels are zoned currently.