Among other responsibilities, the Township Managers Office is responsible for the development and administration of the annual operating budget. Here you can find several resources to learn more about the state of the Township finances including the current year annual operating budget, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the previous fiscal year, and our Standard & Poor’s rating report outlining our AAA bond rating.

Additionally, Cascade Township receives State of Michigan revenue sharing payments through the City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) program. This program was instituted by the State of Michigan beginning in the 2015 State Fiscal Year and replaced the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP) which the Township was not eligible for. As part of the CVTRS program the Township is required to produce and maintain several transparency related reports including a Performance Dashboard, an easy to read Citizens Guide to Finances, a Debt Service Report detailing the outstanding debt of the Township, and a projected budget report. All of these items are also available for your review below.

Any questions about the Township budget or finances can be directed to Township Manager Ben Swayze at (616) 949-1500 or

Municipal Performance Dashboard

Online Citizens Guide to Cascade Finances

2023 Budget
PDF IconDraft Budget
PDF IconDraft Budget after Chart of Accounts Conversion
PDF IconApproval Presentation
PDF IconBudget Review Presentation
PDF IconForensic Audit


Capital Improvement Plans
PDF Icon 2018-2023 Capital Improvements Plan
PDF Icon CIP Presentation
2022 CVTRS Reports 2021 CVTRS Reports
PDF Icon CVTRS Certification PDF Icon CVTRS Certification
PDF Icon Revised Budget Report PDF Icon Budget Report
PDF Icon Budget Report Assumptions PDF Icon Budget Report Assumptions
PDF Icon Debt Service Report PDF Icon Debt Service Report
PDF Icon Performance Dashboard PDF Icon Performance Dashboard
Other Reports
PDF Icon 2022 CVTRS Report
PDF Icon 2021 Retirement Annual Report 
PDF Icon 2018 PA202 Pension Report
PDF Icon 2018 F65
PDF Icon 2017 MERS Actuarial Valuation Report
PDF Icon 2015 Moody's Bond Rating Report
PDF Icon State of MI Pension Fund Status Letter
Budget Archive                             Annual Financial Report Archive
 PDF Icon 2022 Budget    PDF Icon 2022 CAFR Coming Soon
 PDF Icon 2021 Budget    PDF Icon 2021 CAFR
 PDF Icon 2020 Budget    PDF Icon 2020 CAFR
 PDF Icon 2019 Budget    PDF Icon 2019 CAFR
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